Community Quote operates in much the same way as another. As long as you're a Yahoo member you can enter any of the myriad of rooms you can find on the site and they cover all manner of interests, including Business & Finance, Computers & Internet, Cultures & Community, Entertainment & Arts, ... Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


Scum suckers of the world unite

AdvantagesGreat program

DisadvantagesUnpleasant visitors

""I LIKE SEX" "HOT VIRGINS ARE MY SCENE" "YOU UNITED SCUM SHOULD BE BRUTALLY MAIMED" Oh dear, dave27 has gone absolutely mental and is trying to offend as many minorities (yes, United fans are still in the minority) as possible in the space of three lines, what's he on? Well, actually it ain't me, and if you've spent even five minutes in the shadowy world of Internet chat forums, you'll doubtless identify the above witty repartee as being ..." Read review

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Community Level 5broksababe



Advantagesmake new friends

Disadvantagessome large rooms can disappointing

" has more than just news information etc, it has all the features of a typical web host but the real reason of this opinion is yahoo chat. It offers its own version of MSN, AOL and ICQ, registered Yahoo’ers can download a simple messenger which is very similar to those listed. This allows you to chat one to one instant message style, or add a contact; people with similar interests to yourself can be located easily through the people ..." Read review

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Community Level 2blue2smiler


yahoo or msn

Advantageseasy setup

Disadvantageshard for learners

"Yahoo instant messenger Yahoo messenger is it like the other? The answer to that question is it is similar; icq, msn and yahoo are all the similar instant messengers. Yahoo instant messenger is a good program that has a lot of features that change every so often. The features that yahoo has are: --- Message --- The message symbol is for you to send a message to a friend rather than just clicking on the name u highlight the name then ..." Read review

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Community Level 5allyb2003



AdvantagesMeet new friends

DisadvantagesGetting booted off the system

"We got our computer (second hand) back in April/May of this year and immediately downloaded Yahoo Messenger, a must to use in all Yahoo Chat Rooms. You can log on under as many aliases as you wish. Once logged onto the system there are a number of categories for you to enter ie: Teens, Romance and Relationships, Music etc. You can enter the chat rooms in two different ways. If you have downloaded Yahoo Messenger you can enter via this way (which ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bailey_kip...


Yahooligans everywhere

AdvantagesLots of info in one place, good email storage

DisadvantagesReceive lots of spam, website is aimed more at US users.

"...the UK signing up with maybe wasn't the smartest idea I ever had, however it was 12 years ago when I signed up, I was young and naive. I mainly used for the email account that you get, it's a free account that gives you a lot of storage. It's a webmail service which means that your mailbox is online and as such requires no space on your hard-drive, but you have to be online to access your emails. Setting up the account ..." Read review

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Type General Chat Rooms & Forums
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 07/06/2000

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similar by Type (General Chat Rooms & Forums)
It is fast and effective with more uses than just chat
Can be exposed to some nuisances from time to time (*)
Good for a laugh, meeting new people and making friends
Chatrooms are rubbish and some links dont work without cool tools (*)
Brilliant way of communicating
Very addictive (*)
A change from your usual chat software, the communicator
No Customer service, long down times, the usual 'bad-guys' (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
Getting too big for its boots (*)
Standard email account that pays. No spam mail.
Some times may be a little slow in recieving mails (*)
Safe for your computer.
None yet. (*)
Its free and they have great help
Not a brillaint advanced html editor but its ok (*)
professional layout, good image search
dull layout could be more fun/attractive and searching not as accurate as google (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (Y)
quick and very easy to navigate, reliable search results.
none (*)
Helpful staff
50p p/m helpline, technical team fob people off (*)
AN excellent search facility
too much stuff to download (*)
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