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... So now I’ve found a new hairdressers, and can go and have my hair cut in its usual conservative style… might be brave and have 3 inches off though! But there’s actually more to than simply an internet yellow pages. Here are some of the other features that it ... Read review

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Community Level 6weebagpuss


Moving towards a paperless world...

Advantagesquick and very easy to navigate, reliable search results.


"...not easier, to use. gets a thumbs up from me on this point. The site is presented in a very clear way, using only the colours yellow, blue, black and white, which makes it easy on the eye. Navigation is simple and it is very easy to search for the type of business you are after. Into the box marked “what?” you type in the type of business – in my case, hairdressers, or if you are after a specific name, then you can type ..." Read review

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Community Level 5stoffy


Don't Scream, Yell

Advantageseasy to use, national coverage

Disadvantagesno major disadvantages

"...different directory. I find the much easier to navigate than Scoot, and whilst the way that the searches are performed aren’t always perfect, you can be sure that you’ll always end up with exactly what you went there for. I wonder if J R Hartley’s cottoned on to it yet...? ..." Read review

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Community Level 7vinodgm


Let your Mouse do the Walking

AdvantagesVery easy and uncomplicated to use, Very good coverage

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

" are electronic version of the standard Yellow Pages. In this day and age this is an important and useful site. The site can be accessed at there website address: This link will take your directly to the main page. The main page has been made very simple and uncomplicated. It contains only pertinent sections and links. The main area is in the center of the page and titled “Search Our Directory”. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Martinscho...



AdvantagesFast and efficient


" is already listed on and he has only been trading for a very short period of time! There are a number of other services available via Yell, a Yell mobile service (which I have yet to use) and you can have Yell text you the nearest taxi, pizza place, hotel, etc., in reply to a simple text message! And you can have the details of a business sent to a mobile phone, too, though you need to be logged in for this service. Text charges ..." Read review

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Ricky don't lose that number!

AdvantagesFast, easy search for phone numbers


"Fast national yellow pages even quicker than finding the piece of paper where you wrote down the number down before. This is the best resource for commercial telephone numbers with business lines in the UK. The page loads up nice and quick and the interface is simplicity itself. Fill two of the three boxes and hit the search button for quick result. The first box is labelled ‘1. What?’ this is for the Yellow Pages category but who the hell ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 23/07/2000

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Information overload (*)
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Helpful staff
50p p/m helpline, technical team fob people off (*)
Its free and they have great help
Not a brillaint advanced html editor but its ok (*)
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